It’s been too long!

Wow! I hadn’t realized it had been so long since I posted on my blog. What the heck?

I won NaNoWriMo and came in with just over 50k words! Yay me 🙂 I then took December ‘off’ and read some books on writing in hopes that my revisions would go smoothly. It didn’t help. I have been struggling with it since. I really need to get my story to at least 80k words. After 5 months of working on it I am only at 59k. Are there any other writers out there that can give me tips on how to stay focused? Any advice or suggestions would help.

Other than that it is now spring! So we have been working on our garden. We started seeds for tomatoes and peppers. The tomatoes are happy, the peppers are not as happy. We should be planting them in the ground outside over Memorial Day weekend, so we will see how that goes. I will be sure to post pictures when that happens.

In our new backyard we are making a flower garden. My mother really wants one and I love color and whimsy. We have years to make this place ours and anyone who has a place of their own is probably very familiar with the fact that you can’t do it all at once and it takes time.

I am looking forward to growing vegetables for food and flowers for beauty.

Pictures coming soon!


Subscription Boxes – September 2014

My boyfriend recently subscribed to the thing called Loot Crate. I’m not sure if you have heard of it, but you pay a monthly fee, around $20 (or more depending on the subscription) and once a month a box is delivered that is a grab bag of sorts full of goodies. It’s possible this is a total waste of money, but it is fun. It also guarantees that no matter what is going on in life, once a month you will get a package of gifts, just for you. Or you can give them to friends. It’s all whimsy to me.

This past Monday, the 22nd, his first Loot Crate arrived. He wasn’t home so I plucked it off the steps. I’m not good with packages. Curiosity usually gets the best off me. Even in 1994 when, as my mother snored softly in her bedroom, I unwrapped every single one of my Christmas presents to see what awaited me and then carefully wrapped them back up. I cannot even begin to tell you the disappointment I felt on Christmas morning when there were no surprises under that tree. I remember that year because I got a Caboodle and put the year on it with stickers. She felt deflated also because her snotty daughter showed no genuine gratitude toward any of it. I’m sorry, Mom. But I did learn my lesson and never peaked again.

Not even when my boyfriend’s package arrived. Although after telling him it was here he let me open it. Loot Crate is geek and gamer stuff. Each month has a theme and then goodies are shipped off to reflect that theme. I am going to post pictures, so I apologize if this spoils it for anyone.

Sept Loot Crate goodies.

Sept Loot Crate goodies.

As you can see this month’s loot included a Hans Solo in carbonite poster, a Star Trek Tribble (which instructs on the package not to open and not to feed), an Alien, Firefly currency, a mystery mini toy, Pop Rocks, and some other information. Pretty fun stuff.

Mystery Mini - Mal from Firefly

Mystery Mini – Mal from Firefly



Alien - ahhhh!

Alien – ahhhh!

The problem is now I want one. But I can’t get Loot Crate or we would get two of the same thing in the house. So I did some searching the morning and found there are a lot of different subscription boxes out there to choose from, depending on what you are interested in. There are boxes for crafts, pets, kids, tea, makeup, wine, jerky, candles, adult time, shaving for men, and pretty much anything you can think of. None of these really appeal to me and unfortunately I couldn’t find one that was geared toward sustainable living or steam punk. But I did find one… okay, two…. that I think look fun. Nerd Block and Horror Block. Similar, but they include different genres of stuff. I couldn’t decide, so I went with both. It’s a monthly thing and after one or two if I like one block over the other I can cancel. Next month I will post on all of them. Horror Block doesn’t ship until October 25th, so I will probably post the first week in November, give everyone a chance to get theirs before I spoil the surprise.

Here is a decent link to find boxes, if you are after a bit of whimsy for yourself. Let me know if you subscribe to any and what you think.