New Hobbies

Last weekend I tried my hand at stained glass making. The process isn’t anything like I thought it would be. I had a lot of firsts. First time cutting glass, first time using a grinder to soften the edges of glass, first time using foil tape, first time using a soldering iron. It was all pretty exciting. The friend who showed me how to use these things lent me all the tools and gave me all the glass she had to keep working on it. Unfortunately it has been really cold so I can’t use the garage. But the boyfriend has grand plans to build a work bench with some space for me and my new crazy hobbies.



As you can see my first attempt was a butterfly. I haven’t figured out the antenna yet.

My other new hobby will be woodworking. I purchased some cheap wood working tools at Harbor Freight and after I get my boyfriend to sharpen them I will start to practice that. I want to make walking sticks with either carving them or wood burning. So I bought a soldering iron/wood burning iron also at Harbor Freight. Total cost for both the carving tools and iron…$15. I imagine they will work as well as a $15 tool would. Wish me luck!