Spring is Here!

So spring is showing its warmth in Colorado. I have no idea what is really going to be on the agenda for my garden this year. I am in the middle of moving from my suburban house in Aurora, CO, to my older house with a little more land in Sterling, CO. The climate is different there. It is farther away from the mountains and is much more prairie like. It is windier and a little more humid. I am sort of happy that I wasn’t all that great at gardening in Aurora since I have to learn all new things when we move.

We aren’t moving until the end of May, so I will also be getting a late start on things. Plus, the one thing that is left out of a lot of information, setting up a new garden can be pricey. We are going to do it a little slower since the point is sustainable living and not spending money on what we don’t have too. We will be moving the raised garden beds and the really expensive dirt we created a couple of years ago. We are also taking the several hundred pounds of flagstone that we have. I know I can find a use for it and since it is expensive stuff I am hauling it with me.

For good news, residents of Colorado may be able to start collecting rainwater! This would be awesome for my garden. The idea is going through the legal channels right now, so let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Yay Spring!


2 thoughts on “Spring is Here!

  1. Good Luck with the move!

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