Ditched by the Pimp

Well, my temporary job didn’t work out as expected. At the point where my 90 days would have been up and the client could choose to hire me on full time permanently they decided not to. I can understand that, it is their decision and I must respect that. What I don’t understand is why they waited so long to make this decision.

I was told by my staffing agency that the client indicated that as a temporary employee I was aggressive in wanting the temporary employees included. Case in point, there were several fundraisers for various organizations over the summer that the temporary employees knew nothing about because we didn’t get those emails. I mentioned at a town hall style meeting that it would be nice if we were included on those types of emails so we could get involved. What I thought was me showing initiative about being a part of the team was them thinking I was overstepping my boundaries. I had never had a temp job before. It is strange that I can’t talk to the company I am doing work for about those types of concerns, especially when they said that they had an open door policy.

I have heard that term a lot with corporations, open door policy. I have learned that what it really means is you can share ideas and come to them with concerns. However, they see it as who is the kind of employee that will make waves and who will diligently do their job like a robot without question. I don’t think the corporate world is for me. I make waves.

Oddly, the staffing agency I was working through has pretty much blown me off. It’s like having someone break up with you but not tell you that, they just stop responding to phone calls and emails until you get the hint. I find this unprofessional. They can tell me to take a hike, that’s fine, I enjoy the outdoors.

So here I am, unemployed for the second time in six months. I did realize I need to make my blog a priority, whether or not I am working. Honestly, I want to be a writer. What writer doesn’t write? Apparently me. But I am here to change that. I will check in weekly with different topics and practice my writing technique. Please keep in touch and post comments. I won’t think you are just trying to make waves. Your words are important to me.


4 thoughts on “Ditched by the Pimp

  1. inNateJames says:

    Nice to check in with you. Sorry the job didn’t work out, but it’s probably good not to work for a company that doesn’t want their employees to assert themselves.

    If having an involved audience entices you to write more (since you wrote that you wanted to), I found a casual community that gives writing prompts and deadlines that I find motivate me to keep writing, especially when I’m feeling like I have nothing to say. Plus I’ve met a lot of nice people. If you’re interested, take a look at yeahwrite.me and ask me any questions! ~Nate

  2. Scott Kehoe says:

    Seems to me that if you were made to attend a Town Hall style meeting, then you should have had your say just like everyone else. Otherwise, they shouldn’t have invited the “temp” workers.

    As for being let go right before the end of your probation, that’s really common. They use you for as long as they can without having to provide benefits and then get rid of you in favor of another temp. It saves the company money, but doesn’t do wonders for moral….

    • Tara says:

      There was a woman who started with the other 3 of us and was let go about 2 weeks in. I never felt comfortable after that, none of us did. Although I bet the others were hired full time because they didn’t make waves. It’s ok. I believe everything happens for a reason.

  3. Scott Kehoe says:

    And stick with the writing when you’re not working! If nothing else, it’s a great outlet.

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