Garden Update

I have been such a slacker! I haven’t done anything with Zero to Hero or anything. I apologize.

But I am so excited about the garden! My peas are coming up wonderfully. The lettuce is looking great. I don’t think the spinach is too happy. I recently learned that you should seed that in the fall so it will be happy in the spring. So we will try that next year. Check it out:



Peas are in the four squared in the back. It is difficult to see but there are strings hanging from the posts that are tied to the grate things for the peas to climb on. Total cost for those was about $18. Two kinds of lettuce in the two on the left. Next to them there are carrots, then onions. On the far left is the spinach. We also started green beans yesterday. The strawberries are also looking good this year.



I am going to be starting my pickling cucumbers next week and since I love green chili I am going to try my hand at growing the peppers I need to make my own.

On house plant news the English Ivy is almost dead. I cannot figure out why I can’t grow it, but I am giving up. I need to focus on things I can be successful at that will give me food. On that note, the avocado tree is still alive. I put it in a semi dark corner where it gets a little light and it seems happy. No more leaves have started looking burned and it’s still growing and happy. We’ll have to see what happens.

I’m still unemployed. I have 3 pimps and am still looking on my own and nothing. Nada. I have had 4 interviews in the past three months. It’s really sad. But I know there is a reason for this. The perfect job is out there! I am also starting my volunteer work with Denver Botanical Gardens on the 24th ( They have an agricultural site that I toured and trained at last weekend. I am so excited! There is so much to learn when it comes to growing food. The people seem wonderful and the site is just beautiful. At least I will have that to distract me and keep me from getting in trouble.

Anyone else gardening this year? What have you planted so far? How’s it going?



2 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. looks good, Tara! nothing planted here yet except some beet seeds, and it really is a bit too early for them. Keep slogging along and dont give up hope on finding employment.

    • Tara says:

      I am trying to stay hopeful. Thanks! Let me know how the beets turn out. We planted them last year and they got to be about as big as a quarter in diameter.

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