Dream Reader, This One’s for You

As the main focus of my blog is gardening and sustainable living I am writing to all of you who share similar interests. Fortunately, today I have an update.

It rained yesterday in Colorado. My garden likes rain so much better than when I water. I wonder if that is because of whatever additive they use in the water? Hmmmm. Anyway, the garden outside is looking good. Peas and lettuce are coming up nicely and I see a hint of my carrots, onions and spinach. Unfortunately, the butterfly bush that was super tiny when I got it has passed. I continue to water it in hopes it will make a miraculous resurrection, but I am not counting on it.

Indoor plants are a different story this week. All of this is relatively new to me. In the past when I have grown houseplants I always sort of assumed they had a self life. I put them in the window where they would get light, I watered them and when they died I just accepted it as their time and said goodbye. But this year I am making it a priority to make sure they all live. It is not as easy as you would think. The plants that were in my eastern facing living room window had all of a sudden started shriveling up. It took me two weeks to realize they were getting too hot. It didn’t make sense to me. They have all been fine there since last September, but they are now just getting too hot. So I moved them to a shelf in the same area, just out of direct light. That was Friday night. It’s Sunday. Almost all are already so much happier. I have started a spreadsheet with the types of houseplants I have and what their care should be. I am trying really hard to be a great plant mom. Even the avocado tree is happier, but this might just be a hospice situation with it. Only time will tell.

In February I ordered several plants from Michigan Bulb Co. They send them out depending on zoning areas and when it’s the right time to have them. I ordered an orange tree, lime tree, coffee plant, banana tree, immortality herb, and they included my now (probably) dead butterfly bush for free. I know, I’m nuts. It is Colorado after all. But I am going to give it a shot. All these things are super small when they get to you, so they will grow into the space. I tried an immortality herb and orange tree last year with resounding failure. So, with my renewed confidence I am trying again. The lime and orange tree are in pots in the south windowsill in the kitchen where it gets really hot and they have 6+ hours of light everyday, as my research shows they like. Last year, the orange tree was not happy. This year, it is already growing new leaves!Image

I wish I new what type of soil I used between last year and this, but I am happy so far.

I also received the coffee plant the other day. According to my info they like moist soil, lots of humidity and bright dappled light like they would get on the side of a tropical mountain. I can do moist soil but humidity in Colorado is a hard thing to come by. This will change when I have a greenhouse, but in the meantime I was wondering about maybe putting it in the bathroom and getting a grow light. Anyone have any experience with these?


The only thing I am waiting for in the mail is the dwarf banana tree. I bet it will need the same type of care that the coffee plant needs. Perhaps I have gone overboard? Nah! Nothing ventured, nothing gained 🙂

Please, if you have any experience with these types of plants, any tips or advice would be appreciated. Just so you know here is a semi comprehensive list of my houseplants:

  1. African violet, that will not bloom again. This is my mother’s plant. I think it needs a new pot.
  2. Aloe vera, which needs to be replaced as I over watered this winter not realizing plants sort of hibernate.
  3. Avocado tree, which is having trouble.
  4. Bonsai tree, much happier since I moved it out of direct light
  5. Coffee plant
  6. Corn plant, I have had this for about 8 years. It loves to sit in a corner and be ignored. I water it once a week and that’s about it.
  7. Dwarf banana tree, waiting it’s arrival
  8. English ivy, loves to be misted.
  9. Ficus tree
  10. Immortality herb
  11. Lime tree
  12. Orange tree
  13. Orchid
  14. Palm type tree
  15. Philodendron, three types
  16. Peperomia
  17. Pineapple top
  18. Purple clover, which I thought was completely dead until I planted the pineapple top in the same pot. They are best buddies.
  19. Sensitive plant, this thing is neat. If you touch, bump or blow on it the leaves close.
  20. Snake plant, aka Mother-in-laws tongue plant
  21. Swedish ivy

I think that is about all the plants I have. I am not planning on adding anything new, I want to be successful with these as well as my garden. But you know, the plant nurseries are hard to avoid when the weather is nice. I am happy to post pictures of any of these if you don’t know what they look like. Just ask and ye shall receive.




3 thoughts on “Dream Reader, This One’s for You

  1. Sounds like you’re on the right path, researching plants’ preferences and trying to replicate them in your home. The bathroom might work well for humidity. I’m currently keeping an orchid in a hanging pot in my shower (away from the shower end), where it also gets only filtered light, much like it would get in the rainforest. It glistens with ambient moisture after my shower in the morning, and its leaves are staying bright and shiny. I’m hoping for blooms this year.

  2. aishasoasis says:

    Houseplants need a good dish underneath them to catch and hold runoff from watering, at least one inch or even two inches deep, and should usually only be watered once a week, but watered well, so the dish is full from the runoff. They will grow better roots when they search for the water from deeper in the soil. Cut off any brown, or yellowing leaves, stems, flowers to dont let the plant waste resources on something dead or dying. A spray bottle with the sprayer set to mist, and a light misting on the leaves every morning may be enough humidity for your tropicals, although the bathroom seems like a fun place to grow a dwarf banana tree, lol! I’m happy about your avacado being happier, you’re doing the right things, experimenting with different locations. Houseplants are loads of fun! ♥♥♥ ;^)

    p.s. I used to keep my condo stuffed with houseplants, you can see a photo of my livingroom in this post:

  3. sheapuskas1 says:

    You have the ultimate plant list! I’m excited read more about your experiences this growing season. Thanks for sharing.

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