Yesterday we planted Tokyo long white onions in the garden. My lack of planning meant that we did not soak the seeds overnight. Guess we will see how they are doing. I also planted some garlic that I had started in the window sill into a container. Good news, the lettuce and peas are starting to sprout.





My houseplants are having a hissy fit as well. Things that were just fine are all of a sudden droopy and not happy. I’m not sure what I did to make them angry and I am not sure how to make them happy again. After researching what was happening with my avocado it appeared to be a salt accumulation issue. So over the weekend I put it in the shower and watered it a lot and let it drain, watered and let it drain to try to flush out the salt issue. For a day or two is was sad, seems a little happier today. Then I noticed along with the burnt looking leaves on the bottom there are now also spots. The top leaves look ok but the burning look is climbing. Do I cut it off? What do I do? How am I ever going to move to a sustainable life if I can’t properly grow anything….grrr.


You can see the entire tree in the picture. The top leaves look good although they are a lighter color green. Then the burnt leaves with the light spots. Anyone have any ideas on what is going on?

Successes and Failures


One thought on “Successes and Failures

  1. Jake says:

    How exciting! pea sprouts. And I love Tokyo Longs, they are the best! …….. as for the avocado tree. Might be bad news. Could be root rot or a slew of other problems. Make sure if the pot is small that you upsize and use light soil with alot of drainage.

    I stuck a link to my Evernote with some helpful tips. Good Luck!! The garden looks great so far. đŸ™‚

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