Indoor and Outdoor Plants

It has been a week or so since we started our garden. I have seen signs of lettuce, but no signs of carrots, peas or spinach yet. The weather here has been crazy, really warm one day and snowing the next. So I am not sure what type of effect that has had on them. Also, I think the butterfly bush is already dead. The information that came with it said to plant it immediately and it is an outdoor plant. Because I didn’t know where I wanted to place it I just put it in a pot. I don’t think it was ready to be outside yet. I left it in the pot, just in case it makes a miraculous recovery.

Inside the seedlings in the peat pots are doing well. Everything is coming up. 

After researching why my avocado tree has what look to be fried/burnt leaves I came to the conclusion that perhaps it had accumulated too much salt. So yesterday I put it in the shower and let water run over it to rinse it out. I really hope this doesn’t drowned it. We will see. I have learned how fickle plants are. I have started a spreadsheet with all my houseplants to record proper care. I think my aloe vera died because I over watered it this winter. So I will replace it soon. I don’t intentionally try to kill things. I am dedicated to having happy, healthy, growing houseplants.


2 thoughts on “Indoor and Outdoor Plants

  1. Jake says:

    Hey Tara! I hope the butterfly bush makes a recovery. 😦 They tend to be fickle, and don’t listen to the directions. They are very sensitive as young plants. But hey! At least your seedlings are alive. I have bunches of aloe if you want a new one. And raspberries coming out my ears. … looking forward to your next post.

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