Garden 2014

Well, it is about time we start working on our garden this year. This will be the second year we have tried our gardening. It is not as easy as I thought it would be. It takes work and perseverance. But I am committed to moving toward a sustainable life, so we will try again.

I don’t think we will try as much as we did last year, but who knows what will end up happening. We want to can and plant things specifically for pickles and stewed tomatoes. At a minimum we will plant tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, dill, and garlic. I also want to plant peppers, strawberries, chamomile, and possibly beans, peas, raspberries and maybe asparagus. I’m not sure we have the space and we aren’t planning on being in this house too much longer, so I don’t want to go overboard just to leave it behind in a year or two.

Mom and I are going to try a self watering tomato bucket this year. I am also growing garlic in a pot with my houseplants. That stuff grows super easy. And because I am completely crazy, I am also growing an avocado tree that I started from a seed in December of 2012, a pineapple plant, and on order I have an orange tree, lemon tree and a banana tree. I tried an orange tree last year and it died. So I am trying again and feeling more confident that I can do better. 

I plan on adding more pictures and keeping a record here on wordpress of my successes and failures. If anyone can tell me why my avocado tree is getting brown leaves that would be great. I have read that it is getting too hot, too cold, not enough water and too much water. It would be nice to figure it out so I stop torturing it. Thank you.





2 thoughts on “Garden 2014

  1. Jake says:

    Hey Tara! I have been checking your blog once a week or so since you put it up. … sorry I haven’t commented on anything yet, now I feel like a creep looking in your window.

    Anyway, hang in there with the job search, the right thing will find you. (hopefully before you run short on groceries)
    Stay positive and always keep an open mind. Life will provide.

    ….. as for the garden stuff. Well. ……. we are starting seeds now so if you want some seedlings let me know and I will put some in for you. We have mostly organic seeds and we have a crazy variety. We have 8 varieties. Stewing, munching, juicing. Even Hienz tomatoes. (ya know. The Katchip tomato, they actually have 4 patented varieties available to the public)

    Have you thought more about volunteering at the botanical gardens? I am so jealous that you are close enough to them to do that.

    Back to the garden.
    Cucumbers yes. Make sure they have plenty of water and some shade in the heat or they will get bitter. Pinch the suckers.
    Plant onion sets now.
    Plant your dill two or three times and pullit before it goes to seed or you will have dill in everything, which is ok sorta because it draws in all of the pollinators.
    If you are going to move soon the raspberries would be for the next person because they only make fruit on the second year typically.

    …..and if you are brave enough to try asparagus let me know how it goes. I haven’t tried that one yet.

    As for the avocado. Looks like it might be root bound. They have a crazy tap root. Try potting up or easier yet. Take a pencil or something and just jamb it up and down in the soil to break up some of the hair roots and allow air to get in the soil. Also, take your fingers and make a ‘peace sign’ then shake the trunk a bit. Trees need wind. and …… talk to it. 🙂

    cut the garlic top off at the bulb when you transplant or it will grow roots instead of feeding the bulbs

    Sorry for the big’ol rant on your blog.
    I look forward to your next post.

  2. Tara says:

    Thanks Jake! So when I started the garlic I just put it in water and when it started to root a little and grow green on top I planted it in dirt. Should I not have done that? I started some more the other day, they get creepy roots but grow quickly.

    I would love some seedlings. Would you do one or two for stewing? That would be great! Perhaps next year, when I get my hiney in gear, I can start seeds of something else and we can trade?

    Asparagus grew like weeds when we lived in Dacono and I never appreciated it. I imagine it would also be something that takes a few years to do anything. And I may ask to steal some raspberries from you. When are you going to thin them?

    I am excited about the garden this year. Every year it is going to be a learning experience and I look forward to it!

    Keep reading and I’ll keep posting 🙂

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