I haven’t written in a few weeks because when you are unemployed there isn’t much to talk about. But I promised myself this was not going to be another blog that faded into oblivion. In my heart of hearts I want to be a novelist. I get that my writing isn’t stellar at the moment, but if I slack on the blog it will never get better.

Update on the job hunt. In the past 4 weeks I have applied for 24 jobs. I have had one interview and have had contact on two other positions. The interview went well. I liked the woman I interviewed with and felt at home in the building. However, it pays less than what I was making and is, at a minimum, a 45 minute drive away. The math just doesn’t add up on that, but can beggars be choosers in this economy? Maybe. I would spend about 3 times more on gas than I was commuting to my last job. That is about $150 a month…just in additional gas. Not that they have offered the job to me, but it is something to consider.

I heard back from one other place and sent them an email in response to their additional questions but have not heard anything else. That was two days ago so I sent a follow up in hopes that they will appreciate my tenacity.

I only have one other iron in the fire. I just spoke with someone this morning and the first step in their process is to go in for computer testing on Word, Excel and data entry. Then if you pass the test you will immediately interview. Unfortunately the testing isn’t for almost two weeks.

I can tell you that sitting at home is getting sort of boring. But to break up the mundane routine of life I have been trying to get out and meet friends for lunch. It’s nice to be able to do that. Plus my mom works a strange schedule so we have been able to run errands during the week. I also have friends with little ones who will be on spring break soon and we planned a trip to the zoo. It is nice to get out of the house.

Well, back to the hunt.


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