Being Unemployed and Job Hunting

I lost my job of almost three years on February 14th. How romantic, huh? This is bitter sweet because I had just paid off all but my mortgage and student loans, so I was pretty much debt free and had a little in savings. I had plans that required that job. Well, required the money anyway. But thought, ‘Hey, I will be okay for a few months. As long as I have my savings I will be okay.” And then I needed a root canal my first week off. Who needs savings anyway?

But here is the issue. In the past I have done a combination of customer service and administrative jobs. I don’t mind doing clerical and administrative things, but customer service is not my thing. I know every job has customer service aspects but I do not live by the theory that the customer is always right. I am tired of customers screaming and yelling thinking it will get them what they want. What really makes me cranky is when that screaming and yelling and going to higher ups does get them what they want. What happened to catching more flies with honey than you do with vinegar?

I no longer want to be on the receiving end of that crap if I can avoid it. I want to be in the background. I don’t mind doing data entry, sorting mail, faxing things, filing, organizing as long as my interaction with the actual customers is at a minimum. So I have been applying for administrative assistant positions that I think I would be qualified for. 

I’m not terribly sure that I want to work in an office. I want to work somewhere where I can wear jeans, my Doc Martens or sneakers and not have to be the one responsible for answering the phone. The problem is I have absolutely no experience other than an office. In a dream world I would do something with horticulture and work in a greenhouse. I would learn all about plants and vegetables, renewable energies and sustainable living. I am just not sure I can actually make a living at that. Or, more to the point, where to start looking and how to go about doing something involving those things where I can make a living.

Realistically, I think I will end up getting another office type job and start volunteering somewhere to gain experience and knowledge. 

Technically I have been out of work for 8 working days now. I have applied for 7 jobs. I started this blog to keep from being a couch potato, I play a lot on Facebook and am reading. But one thing I did not expect is how quickly the days are going by. I get up, shower and have a cup of coffee. Then the next thing I know it’s time for lunch. I blink and it’s dinner time and then bed time. I fear that in my job hunt the days will fly by so quickly and I won’t notice. Then the next thing I know I won’t have the $$$ to pay my bills. I did apply for unemployment, but I don’t think it will be approved since my previous employer fired me. Why is a matter of opinion.

Job hunting sucks. A resume is a list of your qualifications that you present to suitors in hopes of prostituting yourself to the company that will pay the highest salary and let you leave every day with most of your soul. Blah. But according to society it is required. So wish me luck on my hunt and I shall keep you updated.


2 thoughts on “Being Unemployed and Job Hunting

  1. Apply for the jobs anyway. The worst they can say is no – or nothing at all.

  2. Tara says:

    I have been applying. In the past 4 weeks I have applied for 29 jobs.

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